Saturday, February 23, 2013

Mrs. Stretch Armstrong

     Distance surely does make the heart grow fonder.. And the voice, and the brain. Which, I suppose is why when The Kellys get together magical things happen. Making music can be difficult and often technical, but when four people are so much on the same page, the pieces tend to just fall into place. The technical part diminishes and the unrestrained sentiments fill the practice space.
      This was the case last time I was in town to rehearse with the guys. We weren't sure just how rough it was going to be, after almost four months of separation, but we jumped into it anyways and began with "Blink". It was like we hadn't been apart at all. It was all uphill from there as we let go and maneuvered through each song with leisure. Then after playing numbers we have been playing for years, we jumped right to some new ideas and the pieces seemed to fit. I have to say Nick Rossi makes the rest of our jobs easy as he is one hell of a creator. His initiative is marvelous and he has become a song-writing machine. Paired up with Matt's percussion and Dan's bass work, the classic Kellys sound is beginning to take shape. With a little poetry on my part, the songs will be complete.
      Now although we won't get these moments as often as I would like due to that distance I mentioned, I can count on the fact that the coherence will always remain. New songs will eventually be refined and we will come together like no time has passed. Trust me, I will overcome the stretch of Ohio Highway as much as possible to make these magical music moments happen. And in the meantime, I'll be as grateful as ever to know these gentlemen are always there to keep this ball rolling with me.
     We've got a handful of shows booked this Summer across Ohio, and in between we will be creating as much as possible. We look forward to seeing friends and family out on the Up a Creek patio June 22nd and August 31st. Since Cedars has relocated to the West End of Youngstown and expanded the stage, we had to get in on that action for sure. We will be sharing a night of music with Shiloh Hawkins' band, Blue Through Branches, there on June 8th. The guys will be coming down to the Cincinnati area as well March 23rd at the Northside Tavern, and then again 4th of July weekend. (the fireworks are fantastic over the river, just saying)
     It seems like a lot but there will surely be more to achieve and we will make that happen. Together. Something this solid will take more than distance to unravel it. I hope this finds everyone well, and on behalf of Nick, Matt, Dan and I, we will see you all soon. *Cheers*

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Wandering minds want to know..

Hey everyone, Kelly here. Just wanted to take a minute to reflect on the past ten years of The Kellys history. I've been through a lot of members backing me up and in one way or another I have appreciated all that they have brought to the table. Even if I was only joined by them for a short time, some truly ingenious songs came from our time together. Our shows in Memphis and NYC were trips I'll never forget.. Now my band mates are not any of the original members, and I think that's just fine. Working with so many different people has brought me to these 3 guys. We connect musically and I don't know what I would do without them...

I've recently relocated to Cincinnati, where I am working on getting some shows booked in the area, and we are talking about where and when to play again in Northern Ohio. Let's just say, I'm not sure when we will play again, but we will play again. Being 250 miles away from the rest of my band is extremely tough, but I feel as though I am branching out in hopes of making something big happen for us.. in one way or another. There is an extraordinary original music scene in this area, and I've got to get them exposed to The Kellys! And I will! The city is opening my eyes to new things and who knows what I will get into. Someone's got to listen to my voice!!

In closing, I just want to thank everyone I know for their constant support.. Matt, Nick, Dan and I truly appreciate it..

Here's hoping everyone is well and taking care of each other. We will see you again soon!

Monday, September 5, 2011


The Kellys along with are proud to announce the release of their new music video, Victory. you can find it and share it on this link to youtube....


Cross your heart. Cross your fingers.
In this small town its all I’ve left to do.
Play your part. Play with danger.
And I’ll put all of my faith in you.
Give me hell. Give me battle.
And I’ll face with an open mind.
I’ll be well. I may be rattled.
But I’ll give anything a try.
Oh the pressure,, makes diamonds.
We made it all the way - We made it.
We have ourselves to thank - We made it.
Nothing beats you. Nothing beats me.
Together we’re dynamically unstoppable.
Nothing beats true. Nothing beats free.
Together it’s never impossible.
Whatever you do. Whatever you see.
Be sure that I’m right behind.
Cause if the dark finds me, the dark finds you.
Then together we find the light.
Oh the pressure, makes diamonds.
We made it all the way – We made it.
We have ourselves to thank – We made it.
We know from where we’ve came. We made it.
Our roots will never fade. We Made it.
Cross your heart.
Cross your fingers
Now we’re crossing the finish line.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Our own Youngstonian Democracy, Opus, set to release this summer! Like, ALL summer!

That's right! The Kellys are proud to announce our CD Release Summer!

We understand not everyone can make it to one special event to celebrate the release the new album. So we've decided to use the entire summer to celebrate the release of the long-
awaited (and we even mean by us!) Opus! Thanks for hangin' in there gang, it's going to be a rad summer!

Now, we don't have an exact release date yet, so you'll have to stay tuned! But rest assured, as soon as we have them, you'll be able to get them!
Might wanna stop down to Captain Kelly's on May 7 just in case!

Also coming up, we're celebrating Kelly and Moe's birfdays! June 4 at Split Level in Youngstown. June 18 we open for the amazing Zeppelin tribute ZOSO at the gorgeous Warren Amphitheatre. We're celebrating Independence weekend on the road! Motr Pub in Cincinnat and a few others to be announced. Also a couple dates at Up a Creek in Warren July 9 and another in August! Stay connected for more info!

The Kellys

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Year. New sounds. New shows. New albums!

Happy 2011 everyone! We're just a decade late on Hal's prophetic takeover and only four years shy of the foreseen Year of the Hoverboard! Things can only go up from here! :)

We're very excited about the coming year. We've been working really hard both in and out of the studio, and can't wait to finish everything up to release in the early warmer months of this year! We've been spending some quality time with the esteemed Josh Roman at MindRocket Studio, and have been penning some amazing new material. You might be able to hear some of it live at these awesome upcoming events!

January 21 - Blue Magoo's - 480 E Market St Warren, Ohio - FREE! 10pm
January 22 - Split Level - 169 S Four Mile Run Rd Youngstown, Ohio 10pm

FEBRUARY 7 - We're opening for Wahnder Lust - P-Funk AllStar Kim Manning's band at Beachland Tavern in Cleveland! Tickets are $10, and we've got some hot deals on presale tix. It's an early Monday show... we'll probably play around 8pm, so come join us for a killer show at a great venue! Email for specifics. The more people you gather, the better deal we'll give you on tickets!

Stay tuned for more news on the upcoming release of Opus... FINALLY! It's sounding amazing, and we can't wait to you hear more! Soon, gang. Soon.

See you all out at the shows!

The Kellys

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Kellys really, really, really, really, really, really need your help! :)

So, as you read in the last update, we have made it to the final round of a national competition through Maurices! Final round voting is underway, and we're holding the #5 slot. We were previously at #3 at one point but have dropped. We're asking from the way deep down bottom of our hearts. Please take 5 minutes everyday from now until December 15, to show The Kellys a little love. It's really easy to vote, and you can do it once a day per email address. All you have to do is visit the following link, listen to our brand new song Victory (recorded for the contest), and while doing so, click the VOTE link! Put in your information, and then confirm the email they send you. Easy as pie and simple as cake!

You can even take it a step further by sharing this link with your email contacts, or any of your social networks. Every bit helps! If we win, we play a festival with The Bangles and Sick of Sarah, and head to LA for a video shoot for Victory! 

Thank you all so much! We appreciate your help greatly! And remember, this Friday, we're back at Cedars with our ruKus radio pals The Royaltons! Hope to see you all there.

The Kellys

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Vote for The Kellys!!

Hello once again everyone! Much love and thanks to everyone who helped push us into the Top 10 and Round 2 of the Maurices Small Town Sound Search on! The contest is looking for the best in small town sounds, and we've made it into Round 2! In round two, the finalists were asked to record a song with the theme of "small town charm,"and last Sunday we put some finishing touches on an amazing little ditty we'll be submitting to Maurices very soon! Round 2 voting opens on December 1 and runs through the 15th, and you'll be able to hear the BRAND NEW song, and VOTE ONCE A DAY PER EMAIL ADDRESS to help us win this thing! There is some stiff competition, and there's even another ruKus radio artist in the contest as well! Very cool! So, thank you all, and help us spread the word! Send the link to your friends and have them vote as much as possible for the first 15 days of December! Help give The Kellys an amazing Christmas gift! :)

Also, December 10 brings us back to our most favourite Youngstown venue, Cedars Lounge! We're planning on bringing the house down with our new pals, The Royaltons out of Twinsburg, Ohio! These guys have quickly become a ruKus radio fan favourite, and we're extremely excited to have them along.

And speaking of, if you've yet to check out the all-new, do it! Sign up and create a profile absolutely free! Our bass player, Moe, has been running ruKus radio since 2007. From podcasts to 24/7 streaming, it does a wonderful job of supporting the independent musician and artist. The ruKus crew is currently hosting a funding drive to help keep the station alive and increase quality, and they're only asking for a $1 donation from as many people as possible! Please, find it in your hearts this holiday season to support the starving independent artist! Visit the ruKus radio Kickstarter campaign to donate 100% securely through

Thank you all so much for your love and support! Have a great Thanksgiving, and we'll see you all at Cedars!

The Kellys