Friday, August 1, 2008

ruKus - the leak!

Hello again everyone! So guess what... we've released a new song! Head over to ourspace to hear it! Minutes Too Late is the single off of our upcoming album, Opus. We're happy to bring the rough mix to you in order to get your ears warmed up for the events that are taking place through the rest of the summer! You'll be able to catch this song live, along with 2 other new ones from the upcoming release! So be sure to get out to all of the amazing events happening in August! Here's a taste...

August 15 - Third Arm Promotions and ruKus radio present:
Guitar Bomb, The Kellys, and The Sweet Ones at Salty Grogs in Boardman! This is going to be an amazing show with some bitchin' rock from Brooklyn! Check these guys out!

August 17 - Vexfest V - Downtown Youngstown -
Be sure not to miss this HUGE FREE festival in Downtown Youngstown! The show starts at 11:00am, and goes all night! We play at 9:00pm on one of the main stages. Come on down and kick it with us!

August 22nd - Music at the Monument - 11:30am - Downtown Youngstown
We'll be playing right in the middle of Federal Square for the lunchtime music series! Come enjoy the sounds of The Kellys blasting forth through downtown... right in the middle of traffic. :)

August 24th - ruKus ~ the sequel - 12:00pm - Warren Community Amphitheatre
This is the second installment of our independent music and arts festival! It's an amazing day of music and art in the area's most gorgeous venue. For artist/vendor information, please contact

So, you want to get your hands on the Minutes Too Late (rough mix) mp3?! All you need to do is volunteer to help out at ruKus - the festival. It takes a lot to make this thing happen, and we're going to need all the help we can get. Send us a message telling us your interested, include your email address, and we'll be in touch to tell you how you can help. And we'll email you the mp3. Pretty rad, eh?

Thanks gang! See you soon!