Wednesday, December 9, 2009

For Christmas, we want the world. We want the whole world.

We want to lock it all up in our pockets... we want it now! Ok, well maybe not so much now as, um, soon. We've got some awesomeness coming up at which we would love the graciousness of your presence! See for yourself... it's your bar of chocolate.

And to sweeten the deal even more, we're giving away our very own Golden Ticket. Free admittance to any and every show we have in 2010. If you can get there, you're in! :) Enter to win by bringing your pre-holiday happy ass out to Wonder Bar in Girard on said date... well... see below for official rules and details. {coughahaha}

In the meantime, we're hitting the road this coming weekend to head back to Brookville, PA. We'll be kicking it at Dirty Ehrma's with Jefferson County Line and a ton of friends! Something tells us it's going to be an interesting ride... interesting like the intricacy huge snowflakes in a complete whiteout just before you realize you're supposed to be looking for some sign of pavement! We're pulling for 80 and sunny. Keep 'em crossed! And come get down with us!

Seriously though. All we want for Christmas is you... and all your friends and family! The more the merrier! We'll have cake and eggnog. Happy Holidays everyone! See you all soon!


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Kellys are thankful for...

Well, many things. But especially you, our fans! There would be no purpose in doing this whole music creation thing if it were not for you! So, in honour of the upcoming holiday, and our forever indebted gratitude to you, we've lined up a trio of AMAZING shows over the Thanksgiving week! We hope to see all of our old and new fans out at one of these shows. Come hang out with us and some of our musical co-conspirators as we rock The Valley like never before! Here's the scoop. See you all soon!

November 25 - Thanksgiving Eve - BRIDGE THE GAP 3!

November 28 - Cedars Lounge
- More info coming soon!

November 29 - Eldellapalooza! - Our friend Jonathan Eldell is having a birthday. No ordinary birthday party, this one is set to be a complete Red Carpet event. With surprise celebrity guests (Jonathan is an actor and climbing nicely in the biz) and live performances by us, Kenny Ali and Jay Mel! This is sure to one insane party!!! Don't miss it!

The holiday season is sure to bring many more events, like a return trip to rock Brookville at Dirty Ehrma's on December 12! Stay tuned for more info and developments! Hope to see you all soon!!!!


Thursday, August 13, 2009

We love summer!

Even though the Ohio summer has been a bit lackluster to put it nicely, the good thing is things seem to be shifting! So if you just think of summer as running August-October you'll be able to handle it a little better! Summer is a time for outdoor shows and hitting the road for some much needed out-of-town rocking. So we thought we'd drop in on you all for a little update on our plans for the rest of summer! We've got two awesome shows lined up to round out August, and September is shaping up to be just as rad! So keep an eye out for what's going on... we'll definitely be keeping you posted! See you all out at a show soon...

The Kellys

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Buying our music digitally!

We've had music available in the digital world for quite some time, but we've done a little researching for you. We've dug up mostly all of the online outlets where you can pick up either digital or hard-copy versions of both On the World Tour as well as Overture, our second and third releases! Who knows if we'll ever re-release Greatest Hits. Guess you'll just have to wait and see. In the meantime, these mp3s are all cheap! Buy some and help support the cause! Buy them, burn them, and pass them around to your friends... just buy them first! :) And tell them to buy them too! It's ruKus fundraising at its finest!

So here we go...

- which, by the way, if you look under our biography information has the biography of a band called The Kellys that was active in the 40s and 50s! hahaha Visit the link, and in the iTunes store navigation bar, click one step back to The Kellys. Then click Biography - ahhh yes. More bad bio info. This is hilarious. Somehow we got cross-referenced. This used to show up in Windows Media Player, but we never knew it hit iTunes and all of our digital music distributors.

Rhapsody - Only has OTWT as of now.

Napster - Carries both, and also lists our genre as Alt/Punk, so I'm guessing they may not have all that crazy bio stuff. Anyone have Napster? Look us up and let us know!

Amie Street - an interesting little site where initially music is free! OTWT is all they carry as of now. As soon as people start downloading, price goes up, so hurry up to get a free copy of some of the mp3s!

Alright, that's about it for now. Most of the Major ones. As soon as we become aware of more, we'll let you know. Until then, happy ruKus shopping! :)

The Kellys

Thursday, July 2, 2009

MySpace and Toyota ROCK THE SPACE!!!

So, there's a new contest on MySpace, and the prize is a recording contract with MySpace Records. We might like that. And need your help to get it. All you have to do is add this player to your MySpace profile!

And tell all of your MySpace friends to do the same! The easiest way to get the code is by copypasting the text from the box below. And yes, we said copypasting! :)

Thanks everyone!


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

On the World Tour?! It's up to you!

The Kellys have always been a little, I guess one could say, overzealous in the naming of our albums and EPs. In 2004, our first-ever attempt at recording the beginning stages of The Kellys was released. We titled it Greatest Hits. In 2006, we released an extremely powerful look into our new sound, the next stage in The Kellys' evolution. We coined it On the World Tour. Coupled with 2007's release of a three-song EP titled Overture, and its yet-to-be-released counterpart Opus, this trend doesn't seem to be changing.

Even though we've never actually had a greatest HIT, or never actually embarked on a globe-trotting tour, all of these things were goals. We figured if we named them that, one day we'd have to accomplish them. BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP TO DO IT! We're nothing without you, the loyal, devoted fan. And now we need your assistance more than ever. We need to spread the word of The Kellys like swine flu... wait. Actually maybe alot harder and faster. We need more than 6 people in Canada to hear about us! :) Regardless, we're trying to put together some small jaunts around the country and need your advice. We want to know what venues to play in what towns, what bands to play with, what radio stations and news outlets to contact about our arrival... any info you can give us! So in order to assist us, we've established this little social media widget for you to play with...

You can reach out to us in any fashion you like! Send an email to, send us a message on myspace or facebook, write a letter, stick it in a bottle and toss it into the nearest waterway. Whatever... just get at us! Hope to hear from you all soon!


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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Why We Love Warren, Ohio

Our hometown of Warren, Ohio has been home to some extremely unique places and people over its 211-year existence. From the legendary Hot Dog Shoppe (with the world's largest rotating cartoon hotdog) to being the birthplace of the amazing Dr. G (in whose honor a street will be named and a festival held this summer), Warren has quite a bit of interesting history. In order to celebrate the city's vast history and promising future, the city is holding a video contest where applicants will express their love for the city. There is $1,500 in prize money up for grabs in a contest showing that the city is opening itself up to new possibilites and avenues of exploration of promotion.

To do our part, we're making some of our music and video footage available to be used in connection with making a video for submission. All you have to do is get in touch with us to get official permission, and we will send you files that you are free to use. Please do so by emailing us at, and we will proceed further.

The contest deadline is July 31, 2009. More details can be found at, and more on the history of Warren or upcoming events can be found at Good luck!

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Friday, April 3, 2009

Project 221 and your civic duty!

(click the title for the full gallery of pictures!)

Well, we knew from the start that this project was going to take a lot of focus, energy and tenacity. And it certainly has! What a wild ride it was putting together an original song (one of the most musically involved that we've ever written) and a whole new arrangement (basically making it original) of a cover in exactly 7 days! We worked extremely hard to prepare ourselves for recording these two songs at Peppermint Productions in Youngstown last Friday and Saturday, and they are well on their way to becoming nothing short of masterpieces! We're not done yet, though. We still have some work to do on these two songs, and are going to be gearing up for another writing session with Mariano Longo to produce two more original songs within the next month or so. We've got all kinds of video and audio nuggets coming your way, so be sure to keep close to the myspace, website, email list and now... TWITTER! :) We're on a path that is destined to bring you all kinds of excellent material in the near future, so please stay up-to-date in as many ways as you can!

VOTE FOR KELLY!!!!!!!!!!
Kelly has entered a contest on YouTube, where the winner will sing the Star Spangled Banner in DC on Flag Day! Help her win by RANKING the video on YouTube! You must have a YouTube account to do so, but it's extremely quick and easy to sign up. Do it, and just click the 5 stars below the video once you're signed in! And please, spread the word!

Thank you all so much for your never-ending, infinitely-continuing love and support! It's sure to be a big summer, so as always, STAY TUNED FOR MORE INFO!!

The Kellys

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Friday, March 20, 2009

Tenacious K

The Kellys thrive on challenge. We've been lucky enough, throughout our tenure, to be able to take part in some truly amazing events that have challenged us greatly. From House of Blues' Project Rockstar to playing Arlene's Grocery and CBGB in NYC and trying to run around the city promoting to get people to come to the show (we met these British guys in some bar. they were awesome, and came to the show at Arlene's). Not to mention Joel's fantastic display of tenacity trying to Austin Powers the van out of a blocked-in parking spot at 2am.

But nothing has challeneged us nearly as much as 2007's Generation Us, where we played three of our original songs accompanied by a 30-piece orchestra, opening for the legendary Gary Puckett. It was easily the most amazing musical experience any of us have ever had. Mariano Longo is Gary's keyboard player, and was the mastermind behind the entire extravaganza, and now we're working with him again on a new project that is sure to take us to the next level of challenge. And we can't wait!

Gary Puckett is playing at Stambaugh Auditorium in Youngstown tonight, and Mariano is staying in town for a while to work with us on an amazing new project, producing a few sure-to-be musical masterpieces. But we haven't even started writing them yet! We're going from scratch to master with Mariano, looking at music in a way that we probably never have before. The project commences tomorrow morning. Keep an eye out for updates, and documentation of the entire experience!

Wish us luck! :)

The Kellys

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Thaw

It seems spring is right around the corner in wonderful northeast Ohio. Though, we've been known to get one last blast in March, and it's usually quite treacherous. So we'll see how that plays out. But either way, we're doing our best to keep things warm! We've been writing and rehearsing quite a bit lately! We're preparing for what's sure to be an amazing recording session in March. We're broadening our horizons some, and are musically branching out a bit. You'll just have to stay tuned for the outcome! We've got a lot of big things on tap for spring and summer, but we're still in the plotting/scheming stage. We'll release more info as it gels.

But until then, come hang out with us at The Boom Room! We're playing with an amazing band out of Indianapolis called Reaul. These guys have a very palatable, roots/americana rock mixed with indie pop sound. And they pull it off extremely well. They're currently touring all over the midwest as a benefit to VH1's Save the Music Foundation. The show starts at 10, and we hit around 11 or so. See the flyer for more info. Come out to see an amazing show, at an amazing original music venue, right here in town. It's been a while since Warren has had a true music venue. One dedicated to enhancing the scene, and providing bands a killer location to play. Be sure to come check it out if you haven't yet. And if you have, well, we'll be there. Come kick it! :)

Next up, we're heading out on the road for a couple of shows in March, and are working on the rest of our schedule for spring as we speak. On March 13 we're playing at The Hi Fi Concert Club in Lakewood, OH. We'll update here with more info soon. On March 14 we're off to Covington, KY for a show with The Black Mondays (a wildly entertaining drag troupe) at Leapin' Lizard Gallery... a former church whose sanctuary has been turned into a bar! Come spend a night full of debauchery in a formerly sacred house. There will be belly dancing, drag, booze and DJs! That should rustle a few cosmic feathers, eh? :) Peep the poster for more info!

So that's about it for now. As soon as we get the OK to leak some information, we will. Promise. But until then, keep showin' us love and support by coming out to the shows, buying some merch to support our quest for the musical grail, and SPREADING THE WORD!! Tell people about us and where they can check us out, bring them to shows, and hell, burn 'em a cd! :) We hope to see you all soon!

The Kellys

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