Friday, March 20, 2009

Tenacious K

The Kellys thrive on challenge. We've been lucky enough, throughout our tenure, to be able to take part in some truly amazing events that have challenged us greatly. From House of Blues' Project Rockstar to playing Arlene's Grocery and CBGB in NYC and trying to run around the city promoting to get people to come to the show (we met these British guys in some bar. they were awesome, and came to the show at Arlene's). Not to mention Joel's fantastic display of tenacity trying to Austin Powers the van out of a blocked-in parking spot at 2am.

But nothing has challeneged us nearly as much as 2007's Generation Us, where we played three of our original songs accompanied by a 30-piece orchestra, opening for the legendary Gary Puckett. It was easily the most amazing musical experience any of us have ever had. Mariano Longo is Gary's keyboard player, and was the mastermind behind the entire extravaganza, and now we're working with him again on a new project that is sure to take us to the next level of challenge. And we can't wait!

Gary Puckett is playing at Stambaugh Auditorium in Youngstown tonight, and Mariano is staying in town for a while to work with us on an amazing new project, producing a few sure-to-be musical masterpieces. But we haven't even started writing them yet! We're going from scratch to master with Mariano, looking at music in a way that we probably never have before. The project commences tomorrow morning. Keep an eye out for updates, and documentation of the entire experience!

Wish us luck! :)

The Kellys

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