Monday, February 1, 2010

So... this is the new year!

Ok, so we just couldn't pass up stealing this blog's title from Death Cab For Cutie. But regardless, happy new year! Yes, we know it's February, but things have been a little crazy around these parts. We hope you all had a wondrous holiday season, and are well on your way to prospering in OH10! :)

We've got all kinds of goodness FINALLY coming your way this year. We're finishing up the DVD this month, and you're absolutely going to love it. With the live orchestra performances, videos for two previously unreleased tracks, and a whole host of bonus features and menu fun, it will be a must-buy! We'll keep you posted on specifics!

Our own Youngstonian Democracy, Opus, will also be blasting forth this year! We've got a few more studio sessions to get under wraps, and the finishing touches will be applied following! So definitely stay tuned for more info on that too!

We've got some live show ideas in the mental crock pot as well, so as always, be sure to keep tabs all over the intrwebs!

Oh, and be sure to search for us on on your computers, phones and gaming consoles! Tag our songs to make the station better!

Stay tuned!