Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Kellys are thankful for...

Well, many things. But especially you, our fans! There would be no purpose in doing this whole music creation thing if it were not for you! So, in honour of the upcoming holiday, and our forever indebted gratitude to you, we've lined up a trio of AMAZING shows over the Thanksgiving week! We hope to see all of our old and new fans out at one of these shows. Come hang out with us and some of our musical co-conspirators as we rock The Valley like never before! Here's the scoop. See you all soon!

November 25 - Thanksgiving Eve - BRIDGE THE GAP 3!

November 28 - Cedars Lounge
- More info coming soon!

November 29 - Eldellapalooza! - Our friend Jonathan Eldell is having a birthday. No ordinary birthday party, this one is set to be a complete Red Carpet event. With surprise celebrity guests (Jonathan is an actor and climbing nicely in the biz) and live performances by us, Kenny Ali and Jay Mel! This is sure to one insane party!!! Don't miss it!

The holiday season is sure to bring many more events, like a return trip to rock Brookville at Dirty Ehrma's on December 12! Stay tuned for more info and developments! Hope to see you all soon!!!!