Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Why We Love Warren, Ohio

Our hometown of Warren, Ohio has been home to some extremely unique places and people over its 211-year existence. From the legendary Hot Dog Shoppe (with the world's largest rotating cartoon hotdog) to being the birthplace of the amazing Dr. G (in whose honor a street will be named and a festival held this summer), Warren has quite a bit of interesting history. In order to celebrate the city's vast history and promising future, the city is holding a video contest where applicants will express their love for the city. There is $1,500 in prize money up for grabs in a contest showing that the city is opening itself up to new possibilites and avenues of exploration of promotion.

To do our part, we're making some of our music and video footage available to be used in connection with making a video for submission. All you have to do is get in touch with us to get official permission, and we will send you files that you are free to use. Please do so by emailing us at info@thekellysmusic.com, and we will proceed further.

The contest deadline is July 31, 2009. More details can be found at www.whyilovewarren.com, and more on the history of Warren or upcoming events can be found at www.warren.org. Good luck!

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